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Important information for fraud prevention

20 Oct 2022PayRay

Recently cyber fraud activity has been on the rise. Cybercriminals pretending to represent the Bank have been more active in trying to get information from the clients. They ask for personal information, ask to open different links or change fund recipient’s bank accounts, when making payments.

Please stay alert and follow these steps as a precaution:

  • Do not click on any links in emails you are not sure are genuine;
  • Do not download or open attachments unless you are sure they are genuine;
  • Do not reply to text messages or emails requesting personal information, unless you can validate that these are from PayRay Bank;
  • Do not give out any private information;
  • Delete fraudulent emails and block the sender.

We want to reassure you that PayRay Bank would never send any requests from other domains than or contact you via SMS.

If you are not sure if an email is a genuine PayRay Bank communication, you can contact us via or call +370 521 43403.

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