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#espresso with Mareks Basankovičs: “Competition is the strongest drive”

5 Nov 2020PayRay

PayRay Latvian Subsidiary Manager Mareks Basankovičs has over 20 years of experience working in the finance field. He calls working in a competitive environment the strongest drive. According to him, if a person is in the right place, every job is interesting, so Mareks tries to share his experience with those considering whether the finance field is monotonous or not. The head of the subsidiary pays a lot of attention to professional activities, so in his free time, he takes extreme entertainment, which helps him clear his mind. Mareks plays beach volleyball, and in the winter, he likes swimming in a lake or a sea. 

What was your professional journey up until PayRay? And what achievements do you find the most important? I have been working in the finance field for over 20 years. Every one of my jobs and every colleague has shaped me as a person and helped me develop professionally. The time spent in factoring services is really memorable. I had to sell a new product to companies and achieve a significant market share over the years. 

During the economic crisis in 2008-2010, a significant challenge was to lead an active sales department with 4 divisions and about a hundred active sales managers. Later, I had to create an active sales department in another company from scratch. Overall, I have had to redesign, sell, and develop from scratch a lot. 

Why do you like your job? I love a job where I can be involved in the development of a company or idea. An example could be a company that started its activities with a factoring limit  €15 thousand and grew so big its equipment alone was worth €5 million.

What myths about your profession do you face? How do you deny them? I have met people who find it boring to work in finance. Therefore, I try to share my experience, tell them about the challenges I have had to face. I believe that if a person is in the right place, every job is interesting. 

What are your responsibilities at PayRay? To take part in the establishment of a PayRay subsidiary in Latvia, form a team, and achieve the set goals. It is a unique experience and also a challenge – I have to be there from the beginning and conquer the market in a highly competitive environment.

What goals are a priority for you and PayRay? My personal goal is to work in a way that gives satisfaction every day. The common goal is to bring together professionals because with a strong team you can achieve a lot: introduce new products and be recognisable in every new market you come to.

What is the professional moto/approach you follow? To move past what I have already achieved. To improve myself with new knowledge. The world is changing, we should too. 

What professional advice do you give your colleagues the most? My colleagues sometimes ask why I smile so much -so, to smile is healthy 😊

What are your work habits? How do you start your day? What helps you focus? I try to start the day calmly, so I get up on time. I start with a cold shower or a swim in a lake. Then I have a quiet breakfast and start planning the day. A cup of espresso in the afternoon gives me energy for the second part of the day.  In the evening, relaxation is associated with physical activity.

How do you spend your free time, what hobbies do you have? What helps you relax and recharge? I do sports in my free time, I like beach volleyball the most. Regardless of the weather conditions - sun, rain, or wind, I “eat” sand and fight, it is a great refreshment after work. And in winter, what recharges me best is a swim in a lake or a sea. It is a great dose of happiness hormones - endorphins! Some of my friends also picked up such swimming. There are cases when the lake freezes, we then have to go for a swim in the sea. Then passers-by record us, take photos, and even applaud us. 

What are three things you are the most interested in at the moment? At the moment, I am focusing on professional interests. I want to help PayRay become a significant player in Latvia, so I am interested in the development of fintechcompanies and new products competing with those already on the market. I believe that competition is the strongest drive.

Espresso or cappuccino?Espresso, of course. It is the purest kind of coffee.

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