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#espresso with Lijana Štarienė: PayRay’s success is a creative and energetic team

24 Jul 2020PayRay

“Not everyone is lucky enough to see how a financial institution is being created from scratch and contribute to it”, says Lijana Štarienė, PayRay’s Head of Law and Compliance. She decided to join the start-up company after nine  years of working in the banking sector. Today, Štarienė is convinced that the achievements of the team speak for themselves – in a little more than a year they managed to increase sales and prepare for a bank license.

What are your main responsibilities at PayRay?

I am responsible for the areas of law and compliance – this includes both the simplest day-to-day work and leadership in complex projects.We work a lot with colleagues from the sales department, internal audit manager, IT colleagues.We take care of both external issues related to customers and internal issues such as the growth and development of the company.In fact, I never thought I would work with so many different areas.

How does your work day start?

Morning coffee is a home ritual, so when I come to the office, I first briefly review the news, review the relevant information published on the Bank of Lithuania’s website, and then focus on the work. I have a habit of checking my e-mail regularly, so I plan my tasks before the day even starts.

I like to see risks and to find ways to manage them

Why do you love your job?

I was inclined to the humanitarian studies, so I did not expect to work in the finance sector. I graduated from English studies and then started my law studies – it seemed to me that this is where I would be able to realize myself. And in fact, there was not a day that I doubted or thought that this was not my area. I like to express ideas that are boiling in the minds of colleagues in legal language, to see risks and to find ways to manage them, to constantly monitor and react to the changes that are taking place. This is how I feel that I contribute to the right path for the company.

What do you think is the biggest achievement of PayRay so far?

I think the biggest achievement of the company is the people who work here. They are energetic, creative, do not want to be in the comfort zone – that is where the success is coded. The results achieved by the team speak for themselves: the creation of the company, the impressive sales growth, the preparation and granting of the bank’s license – all of that was achieved by 20 people within just one year! I have never seen work getting done at such a rapid pace.

How do you spend your free time?

I am an active person, but I still run out of time. I go to the gym or play tennis at least once a week. Also, I adore flowers, so in the summer I just put my hands in the ground and plant them. I am crazy about flowers, shrubs, trees – if I could live only for my pleasure, I would spend all my time on flowers.

What is an interesting fact about yourself that is still unknown to your colleagues?

I recently became interested in golf! I set a goal to learn to play and I think I’m doing quite well. I’m really looking forward to when I can play outdoors. Although golf is a calm sport, it completely disconnects the head – you need to concentrate very well on the ball, so there is nothing else to think about. I recently fell in love with wine lessons, so I hope to continue this hobby as well.

What book/movie/activity/travel direction would you recommend?

My most impressive trip was to Brazil. If someone offered to fly there again, I would pack up my things immediately! It is by far the most beautiful country I have ever seen, and I was most impressed by its nature: the jungle, the Amazon, the waterfalls. Piranha fishing was also an exceptional experience.

When it comes to movies, more than one has left a lasting impression on me. For example, I liked “Intouchables”, “Parasite” or the TV series of Lithuanian creators “Price of Freedom. Volunteers”. The book that has impressed me the most so far is P. Coelho’s “Alchemist”.

What is your motto?

I think the saying “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” is very true. I do interesting work, I see results, I understand my contribution to the overall goals of the company. It may sound banal, but I also think that nothing is impossible – by putting in work, effort you will eventually make the success come. I never think that I cannot do something – if it is necessary, I just get up and do it!

Espresso or cappuccino?

I used to drink coffee once a day and only at home and it is here where coffee is the most delicious for me. However, after starting to work at PayRay, the habit has changed. Many of my colleagues are coffee lovers, so now I have a habit of drinking a cup of coffee in the afternoon as well. Whether I drink espresso or cappuccino depends on the company and the mood – I think both options are good.

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