Support Through Challenging Times

Give your business a boost with PayRay business loans.

Long term loans

Long term loans

If you're looking for long term investments in your company, a PayRay could help get you back on track.

PayRay SIA provide financial services to small and medium businesses.

Our partnership with Altum means we can support even more customers to increase their business development opportunities with a range of guaranteed products like loans, leasing and factoring.

  • Ideal for small or medium-size businesses

  • No deposit

  • Borrow up to €6 million

  • Ideal for basic operating expenses

  • Easy to apply

  • Safe and secure

How it works

  1. Apply

    Complete our easy online application and send us any supporting documents.

  2. We review your application

    We'll assess your needs and company data before making you an offer.

  3. Get your funds

    Once approved and pledges are registered, the agreed funds will reach your account within 48 hours.

Take your business forward today

PayRay's help and business-oriented attitude helped us to keep on growing at a difficult time.



  • For who is this loan meant for?

    For very small, small and medium-sized business.

  • How much money can I borrow?

    The amount that you can borrow will be estimated based on your company needs and financials.

  • What type of criteria do I need to meet in order to be eligible to apply for the loan?

    By the time you submit this application you have to provide companies financial statements for 2021.