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Together with our global partner, we provide attractive interest rates for depositors in Germany

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Deposit insurance

All savings products on “PayRay” are protected by “Deposit and Investment Insurance”

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With “PayRay” you have exclusive access to higher interest rates across Europe

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Every new “WeltSparten” depositor gets a reward with a new deposit account


Are my deposits insured?

Detailed information about deposit insurance conditions and cases, when deposits are not insured and when restrictions on deposit insurance payments are applied, can be found in State company „Deposit and Investment Insurance“ internet website

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

Minimum investment amount – 5 000 Eur.

What is the maximum amount I can invest?

Maximum investment amount – 100 000 Eur.

Can the deposit be automatically prolonged?

The deposit agreement can be prolonged.

Can I cancel the deposit anytime?

Customers have the right to cancel the deposit agreement within the first 14 days.

Are there any applicable fees?

There are no additional platform fees.

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