Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file placed by a site onto your device (PC, smart phone or a tablet) every time You browse the site. Cookies help recognise Your device and help us improve the functioning of our site and its user friendliness.

Analytical and performance cookies_ga2 yearsThe cookie is used to generate statistical information about the site.
Analytical and performance cookies_gatUntil the end of the sessionThe cookie is used to throttle request rate via Google.
Analytical and performance cookies_gidUntil the end of the sessionThe cookie is used to generate statistical information about the site.
Analytical and performance cookiesads/ga-audiencesUntil the end of the sessionGoogle Ads cookie used to re-engage visitors (remarketing).
Analytical and performance cookies_fbp3 monthsThe cookie is used to track user behaviour on the site.
Analytical and performance cookiesfr3 monthsFacebook cookie used to track user behaviour on the site.
Advertising and third-party cookies__gcl18 monthsGoogle Ads cookie used to determine how many times people who click on ads end up taking an action on the site.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the site. They allow use of certain functions on the site, for example, logging in safely onto the user account. Without these cookies, the site would not work properly.

Analytical and performance cookies

These cookies are used to collect information about the number of users using the site, the type of content users choose to engage with, and other information needed to improve the functioning of the site. By using these cookies, the purpose of which is to collect anonymous information and generate reports, site owners get insight into how visitors interact with the site.

Functionality and preference cookies

These cookies are used to recognise returning visitors. They help personalise contents provided on the site, save user preferences, for example, the language You choose or the region You are located in.

Advertising and third-party cookies

By using these cookies, information about visits to the site is translated into ads and other targeted material tailored to the visitor.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies can only be placed onto Your device if You accept their use, except for the strictly necessary cookies so that the site functions properly and which do not collect personalised information about You (for example, browsing history, etc.). Please note that if You do not accept the use of cookies, certain functionalities on our site may be fully or partially unavailable.

Basis for the use of cookies

The legal basis for the use of cookies is our legitimate interest to ensure the proper technical functioning of our site (General Data Protection Regulation). In cases when cookies are used to save Your preferences, show ads and collect statistical information the legal basis for this use is Your consent.

How do I manage cookies? 

You can delete all of the cookies already stored on Your device, and in most web browsers You can choose the settings not to allow any cookies. If You choose the latter option, however, You might have to input Your personal preferences manually every time You visit the site. Moreover, certain services and functionalities of the site may be unavailable to You. You can manage and/or delete cookies any time and how You choose to do so.

Should You have more questions relating to the use of cookies, contact us at our e-mail:

This Cookie Policy may be modified at discretion of the site manager. Visitors to the site will not be individually notified of changes to this Policy and for that reason we recommend that You check for changes to this Policy from time to time.

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