Factoring for your growth

Stop worrying about payments and focus on your business


Why “PayRay” factoring?

Keep your cash flowing

After selling goods or providing services, get funds immediately

Trade credit management

Possibility to cover risk of the buyer’s solvency with credit insurance

Clear and coprehensive

Transparent and understandable pricing with no hidden fees

Flexible and simple to use

Convenient process of getting the funds

Factoring types

With recourse

The seller is responsible to cover the debt if the buyer fails to pay.

Without recourse

The bank takes responsibility if the buyer fails to pay.

With credit insurance

The credit insurer covers the risk if buyer fails to pay.


The buyer is not informed about factoring service.

We cooperate with credit insurers and funds

With guarantees and insurance provided by our partners, we offer more flexible factoring terms.

Allianz Trade is a global leader in trade credit insurance and a recognized specialist in the areas of guarantees and sureties, debt management and collection, structured trade credit and political risk.

European Investment Fund is a specialist provider of risk finance to benefit SMEs across Europe. EIF shareholders are the European Investment Bank, the European Union and a wide range of public and private banks and financial institutions. “PayRay” in cooperation with EIF is able to offer Lithuanian SMEs financing on more attractive terms.

Your business will get new boost with “PayRay” factoring!

5 000 €
1 000 000 €
30 days
120 days
0.00 %
1.00 %
5 %
12 %
0 %
100 %

Financed amount

Cost of financing

Cost of financing

Illustration about client success with Payray

We started working with “PayRay” when the company was still in the early development stage. Although we were very new to all the financial solutions, we quickly learned that factoring is a helpful tool to balance our financial flows. With a help of “PayRay” experts the process with our clients and suppliers was smooth and quick.

Tomas Šeškevičius

CEO at “TS Group”

We have been working with “PayRay” since 2021. During this period, we did not have any troubles; on the contrary, “PayRay” bank not only helped our customers to find best solutions how to finance the purchased assets, but also provided additional consultations on how to finance it under more favorable conditions.

Saulius Silickas

CEO at “Žemtiekimas”

We are official retailers of agricultural machinery and we recommend “PayRay” with full confidence as a financing partner to our customers: we have never been disappointed with the competence of “PayRay” specialists and the proposed financing solutions, neither did our customers.

Karolis Muduris

Sales director at “East West Agro”

The cooperation with “PayRay” bank is based on mutual understanding and great efforts to get the best result. For business, the most important thing in financing services is the price that corresponds to the assumed risk, the volume of financing, and the speed of providing services. “PayRay” succeeded in offering the best conditions for our businesses.

Austė Augustinaitė

Head of Strategy and Business Development at “Imlitex”

Finding a proper financing solution could be a very stressful and difficult part of the business. This experience could be rather pleasant and carefree if you choose your partners wisely. “PayRay” proved to be extraordinary professional and attentive to details as well as communicating everything clearly and in a very coprehensive way. I would 100% recommend “PayRay” bank as a professional, flexible and well trusted loan provider for your business.

Roberta Blekaitienė

Owner at “Kurhauzas” restaurant

“PayRay” bank provided the necessary financing under the conditions that met our capabilities, as well as added value in additional consultations with “PayRay” experts.

Vygandas Urbanas

CEO at “Saulėtas pušynas”


What is the difference between factoring and loan?

Factoring is used to meet working capital needs of a company by submitting invoices for financing with a deferred payment term. In order to get factoring limit, you do not need to pledge any company assets while when taking a loan the pledge of assets is usually necessary.

How does factoring work?

After selling goods or providing services with a deferred payment term, submit the invoice to the bank. We will pay you up to 90% of its value. After receiving the buyer’s payment, we will deduct a reserve amount and accrued interests before transferring funds to you.

How does the application process for factoring works?

Applying is easy, and you will have a dedicated account manager to guide you through the process. First, contact us by phone +370 52143434, e-mail: sales@payray.bank or using the application form on our website. You will need to inform us what type of factoring is needed, which buyers you want to factorize and the deferred payment term apply to them. We’ll get back to you with a proposal. If you accept the preliminary offer, we will proceed with making a contract.

What are the fees for the factoring service?

The following fees apply for factoring service: accrued interests based on actual use of the limit, contract fee and invoices administration fee.

Do I need to adjust the billing details?

Issue invoices for goods and/or services, indicating the term of deferred payment and an informational notice about the transfer of the claim rights to the bank.

Are factoring fees subjected to VAT?

Yes, all factoring fees are subjected to VAT.

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