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Why “PayRay” leasing?


Finance not only new purchases, but also the assets you already own

Experienced to serve you better

Our extensive experience with various customers and situations lets us provide you the finest financing solutions

Flexible & tailored

Leasing based on your individual needs and business specifics

Saving your precious time

We make decisions quickly and sign documents online

Leasing conditions

Leasing of new and used assets

Leasing term from 6 months to 7 years

Leasing with residual value

No additional collateral needed

Backed by trusted EU and Lithuanian funds

“PayRay” is cooperating with trusted institutions to deliver your business reliable solutions.

ŽŪPGF helps businesses with insufficient collateral and financial resources to improve development and growth. Fund warrants favorable borrowing conditions and enables farmers and entities processing agricultural produce to borrow from “PayRay” on easy terms, with interest rates lower compared to those in the market. Credit Fund is established by Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture.

INVEGA helps ensure the growth of your business even in difficult circumstances. Supported by the Government of Lithuania, it provides financial services to small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring more flexible financing options. “PayRay” in cooperation with INVEGA aims to help find their customers better financing sollutions and contribute to better SME ecosystem in Lithuania.

European Investment Fund is a specialist provider of risk finance to benefit SMEs across Europe. EIF shareholders are the European Investment Bank, the European Union and a wide range of public and private banks and financial institutions. “PayRay” in cooperation with EIF is able to offer Lithuanian SMEs financing on more attractive terms.

Your business will get new boost with “PayRay” leasing!

10 000 €
2 000 000 €
10 %
90 %
6 months
84 months
0 %
50 %
5 %
12 %


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In total

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Illustration about client success with Payray

We started working with “PayRay” when the company was still in the early development stage. Although we were very new to all the financial solutions, we quickly learned that factoring is a helpful tool to balance our financial flows. With a help of “PayRay” experts the process with our clients and suppliers was smooth and quick.

Tomas Šeškevičius

CEO at “TS Group”

We have been working with “PayRay” since 2021. During this period, we did not have any troubles; on the contrary, “PayRay” bank not only helped our customers to find best solutions how to finance the purchased assets, but also provided additional consultations on how to finance it under more favorable conditions.

Saulius Silickas

CEO at “Žemtiekimas”

We are official retailers of agricultural machinery and we recommend “PayRay” with full confidence as a financing partner to our customers: we have never been disappointed with the competence of “PayRay” specialists and the proposed financing solutions, neither did our customers.

Karolis Muduris

Sales director at “East West Agro”

The cooperation with “PayRay” bank is based on mutual understanding and great efforts to get the best result. For business, the most important thing in financing services is the price that corresponds to the assumed risk, the volume of financing, and the speed of providing services. “PayRay” succeeded in offering the best conditions for our businesses.

Austė Augustinaitė

Head of Strategy and Business Development at “Imlitex”

Finding a proper financing solution could be a very stressful and difficult part of the business. This experience could be rather pleasant and carefree if you choose your partners wisely. “PayRay” proved to be extraordinary professional and attentive to details as well as communicating everything clearly and in a very coprehensive way. I would 100% recommend “PayRay” bank as a professional, flexible and well trusted loan provider for your business.

Roberta Blekaitienė

Owner at “Kurhauzas” restaurant

“PayRay” bank provided the necessary financing under the conditions that met our capabilities, as well as added value in additional consultations with “PayRay” experts.

Vygandas Urbanas

CEO at “Saulėtas pušynas”

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As a business grows, acquiring new equipment, machinery or transportation can be a critical factor in achieving success. The timely acquisition of such assets can increase business capacity, increase efficiency, the business can introduce new products or services, and improve the quality of customer service.

However, the business does not always have free funds to implement the necessary investments, so leasing is the most suitable solution in this case. Leasing allows the business to quickly solve emerging needs and helps the business grow.


Leasing – is a financial service provided by “PayRay” bank, which allows businesses to quickly and easily purchase and immediately use the necessary assets.

Rytis Gaižauskas

Head of Leasing


Who can apply for leasing?

Leasing is provided to companies and farmers. Companies and farmers have the opportunity to use the state aid tools offered by the ŽŪPGF and INVEGA.

What are the steps to take when purchasing under a lease?

After choosing the asset you want to purchase, contact “PayRay” bank by phone +370 52143434 or e-mail: sales@payray.bank. After receiving the necessary documents (company financial statements, commercial offer, etc.), bank employees evaluate and propose a leasing offer. If it is suitable, a leasing agreement is signed.

How can I apply for a lease?

When applying for leasing, it is necessary to submit a commercial offer of the assets to be purchased and financial statements of the company. This information can be provided by e-mail: sales@payray.bank. Additional consultation is possible by phone +370 52143434.

What documents should be submitted when applying for leasing?

When applying for leasing, you should submit a commercial offer of the assets to be purchased and the company’s financial statements by e-mail: sales@payray.bank. After evaluating the received documents, “PayRay” employees will contact you directly.

Can I buy assets from a foreign seller?

Yes, you can. When buying assets from a foreign seller, leaseback service is provided.

Is it possible to sign leasing documents electronically?

The leasing agreement can be signed electronically using a mobile signature or Smart – ID.

Is it possible to redeem assets before the end of the lease?

Yes, the assets can be redeemed before the end of the lease. Those wishing to do so, should contact “PayRay” bank. Bank will provide redemption details and other necessary information. Additional fees may apply when redeeming the assets before the end of the contract term.

Do leased assets have to be insured?

Yes, any assets under lease should be insured.

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